CEC (Certified Educator Candidate) Training

Welcome to the CEC Training Program of Lutheran Partners CPE Center!

Who is certified educator?

A Certified Educator is a person who combines perspectives from theology, their respective traditions and the behavioral sciences in conducting ACPE Accredited programs designed to teach, train, and support faith leaders, chaplains, and spiritual care providers.


Admission to the Lutheran Partners CPE includes the following criteria:
  • A completed Application for Certified Educator Programs
  • College graduation
  • Graduate theological degree or its equivalent
  • Ordination or commissioning to function as a spiritual care provider by an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE. Individuals whose spiritual or religious community do not have ordination should email certification@acpe.edu for more information.
  • Endorsement/statement of accountability from an appropriate religious/spiritual authority as determined by ACPE
  • Successful completion of a minimum of four units of Level I / Level II CPE
  • Demonstration of spiritual care and conceptual competence as evidenced by the attainment/completion of Level I / Level II Outcomes
  • Demonstrating at least 10 of the 49 competencies for admission to a Certified Educator Program: Admissions Competencies Assessment Form
  • Include one paragraph about how you imagine your future as a CPE educator, including preferred professional context

Application Fee

Application Fee: $125, non-refundable.
Mail check to Lutheran Partners CPE Center.

For more information, including tuition, and to apply email us at:

Consider applying to the Lutheran Partners CEC Training Program if you:

  • Appreciate the process of learning and growing in CPE and you feel called/compelled to become a CPE Certified Educator
  • Desire to be trained by a group of diverse Certified Educators with over a decade of experience in the field of supervision
  • Are seeking a flexible training program that can accommodate your current employment and career
  • Realize the benefits of distance learning and an online option that does not limit you geographically