Lutheran Partners CPE Center (Formally Lutheran Services New York Alliance) is accredited by Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) and specializes in Distance Learning CPE Units with online training, support, and the option to choose a site for ministry. We offer accredited CPE training to students around the US and internationally.

We have a long-standing history in multi-site CPE training and we offer our students an option to choose their own clinical site placement in their geographical area.  This can include the place of their current employment, as long as spiritual or pastoral care is being offered. For example, we have students offer ministry to nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, shelters, social agencies, congregations and other communities in need of pastoral care.

Lutheran Partners CPE Center offers Level I and Level II CPE. We have students in their first, second, third and fourth units of training. We welcome the applications of students from all religions, denominations and spiritualities.

We have learned that Distance Learning CPE is ideal for people with full and part time commitments, like employment, study and family. This form of training saves time and expenses in clinical site choices.  There is also significant savings in travel when students are able to join an online learning group from their offices and homes, in any state or country.  It is also possible for students to merge their required hours needed for CPE with hours they may be doing for a ministry internship. This can also be discussed further during an interview. 

We have a rolling admission process and accept applications all year round for the upcoming unit. We typically fill up two to three months before the next unit starts.  We encourage you to submit your application and to interview as soon as you know you are interested. 


Lutheran Partners CPE is originally a New York based CPE Center: Lutheran Services New York Alliance (LSNYA), which transitioned into a premier Distance Learning Program in 2018.

The LSNYA CPE program was originally formed in 2004 as an undertaking of a consortium of Lutheran social ministry agencies in the Metro NY area. Several of these agencies had previous experience with CPE— with two, Eger and Lutheran Medical Center, being ACPE accredited Centers. The first LSNYA CPE program was conducted in the summer of 2004, and full ACPE accreditation was achieved in 2006. Several Supervisory CPE Candidates, along with one Associate Educator, assisted or conducted programs until 2011 when Rev. Silvia Misina became the Manager of CPE. With the retirement of Dr. Castigliano in 2015, Rev. Misina was named Program Director for the LSNYA CPE programs.

Since its first program in 2004, over 300 Interns and Residents have successfully completed units of CPE. These students included ordained clergy, seminarians, deacons and qualified laity, from a broad cross-section of faith traditions as well as cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds. Diversity among students was always an important value and element in the mission of the LSNYA CPE.

In 2018, the LSNYA CPE program began a CPE Distance Learning option in its mission to expand educational services to those in and beyond the Greater New York area.

In 2020, the LSNYA CPE program transitioned ownership and was renamed to Lutheran Partners CPE Center.  Lutheran Partners is solely an on-line CPE program that continues to hold the values of LSNYA, that highlight diversity of students and high-quality education and training. 


Providing growth opportunities to faith leaders to enhance and deepen the ministry to those in need and to provide flexible options for those who seek accredited training.